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Tatsu Works is a passionate game studio, building new immersive experiences and improving gaming communities across the world. Our team of seasoned developers, artists, and storytellers brings together a wealth of experience from renowned studios and a shared passion for creating memorable gaming experiences. Tatsu Works covers full-suite services; From concept art to game design, world-building, character development, and narrative design.

Tatsumeeko is our latest production, delving into the genre of Fantasy Life-simulator RPG. Built on a 2.5D Unity engine, the game is set to release on both Discord and Mobile. The game brings a balance of social immersion (slice-of-life personalization through housing, crafting, and social clans) together with classic RPG aspects (world exploration, vast and diverse environments, and an engaging narrative and storyline).

As the first of its kind game to be released on Discord and Mobile platforms, Tatsumeeko will deliver the full-scale game experience. Additional Discord functionality provides an idle-concept that allows multiple points of accessibility for players to play Tatsumeeko.