Meekolony Passes are a series of 10,000 unique NFT passes for Tatsumeeko, the modern fantasy idle MMORPG-lite for Discord, Web & Mobile.
Stake Meeko Passes

There is a new staking contract live on the Uncharted Dream Event Page. Users are highly encouraged to move their staked Meekos to the new Staking contract. To facilitate this, all Locked Meekos at https://tatsumeeko.com/meekolony/stake will be UNLOCKED.

You can then move and stake them at https://tatsumeeko.com/event after logging in. Staking Meekolony Passes in the event page will award you TWO uncharted troves per Meeko every day.

New Staking Process:

  • Upon staking, Meekos are locked for 14 Days. You get event benefits immediately.

  • Upon Unlocking, Meekos take 14 days to Unstake.

  • Uncharted Dream Staking Contract will move to a new staking page once the UD event is over, so watch out for further updates

  • Previously in older public documentation we mentioned that Meekos will get a one-time Airdrop. However, we will continue to build more benefits on top of this new staking contract after the event, so stay tuned!

New Guidelines on Staking

IGS Updates:

  • No new IGS will be issued from the beginning of Uncharted Dream event onwards

  • IGS convertible into Uncharted Dream Event Troves

  • 90IGS = 1 Trove

  • Troves = More Points = more [redacted] rewards

  • Convert your TGS using the [Get Troves] button during the event

Staking Guidelines FAQ - Join Our Discord!
Meekolony General FAQ

Stake for Utility:

  • Stake your Meekolony Pass for Holder Benefits, including free Subscription, bonus game currencies and more. As pioneers on our journey of exploring Web3 together, Holders share in benefits this collaborative odyssey.

Claim Rewards:

  • Claim Seasonal rewards with your passes! Rewards may include in-game furniture, cosmetics, lootboxes and currency.

Bridging Web2 & Web3:

  • Join our unique community populated by both Web2 and Web3 denizens. Play a role in helping us bring the improvements of Web3 to more than 1.4 million Discord communities via Tatsumeeko.